Hi! Welcome to Tweecious, an add-on that will make sure you don't lose the links you post to Twitter.


What we need to do before you start using Tweecious is set it up. The setup procedure is very simple 2-step process:

  1. we will figure out your Twitter username by loading up Twitter and reading your username value,
  2. we will do the same with delicious.

Don't worry, we don't need your password and will never try to get it or ask for it. You should never have to enter your password for a service on other services - read more about the password anti-pattern.


You don't have to do anything to use Tweecious. It will automatically run from time to time1, get your tweets, search them for links and post the links to delicious. If it encounters any problems it will alert you with a small banner on the top of the screen.

Tweecious uses two other services besides Twitter and delicious. We use to expand the shortened links and Zemanta to get the tags for a link. As these two are experimental, you can turn them off in the preferences.


You can change all the settings in preferences. As Tweecious doesn't have its own interface you can access its preferences via delicious - when you visit the delicious website you will see a Tweecious link in the top navigation next to "settings".

The settings that you can modify:

  1. You can specify the interval in preferences. Default value is one hour. back
  2. If you use Zemanta you should specify your own API key so the tags are a bit more personalized through the sources and social connections you can define in its preferences. back