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You can temporary disable Tweecious without removing it from your computer. If you want to know more about what Tweecious is doing you can enable notifications on errors.

Twitter open
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We don't need your twitter credentials. You need to have a public profile though, so we can access your updates.

We poll the twitter API every hour or so. You can change this if you don't use the twitter API too much (desktop twitter apps, blog widgets...) - the API usage shows how many calls you have left and when the number resets.

Delicious open
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You need to be logged into your delicious account so we can post bookmarks to it. We will only post to the specified username. If you're logged into a different account we'll let you know.

If you want the bookmarks to be private just check the box.

Long URLs

We use the our own service to get long links from the shortened ones. If you decide not to use the service, short urls will be bookmarked (eg. instead of

Zemanta open
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The Zemanta API is used to get the tags for a link. The content of the retreive page is sent to the API which returns the tags.

If you don't use the Zemanta API the only tag your link will have is Tweecious.

You can specify your own Zemanta API key as Zemanta API calls are limited and we might not be able to make enough requests to serve all users.