SortedTable instructions and examples v0.8f

Normal table with sample javascript calls

Order Title Date Number Description PublishDate Published
Footer 1 Footer 2 Footer 3 Footer 4 Footer 5 Footer 6 Footer 7
1Title 1 20.2.200692Description 1 1.8.2005x
2title 2 4.8.200671description 2 5.3.2005o
3Title 3 5.7.200693Description 3 4.8.2006x
4Title 4 3.9.20065Description 4 18.9.2006x
5Title 5 10.9.200554Description 5 23.8.2005x
6title 6 21.12.200490description 6 18.10.2005x
7Title 7 12.11.200551Description 7 2.10.2005o
8Title 8 10.3.200669Description 8 8.5.2005o
9Title 9 22.8.200557Description 9 9.6.2005o
10title 10 2.12.200521description 10 19.9.2006x
11Title 11 7.5.200542Description 11 3.7.2005o
12title 1211.7.200594Description 1231.1.2006x
13Title 132.1.200581Description 1316.7.2005o
14title 1418.8.200572description 145.5.2005o
15Title 1517.10.200590Description 1517.3.2006x
16Title 1622.7.200513description 1630.4.2006x
17Title 1712.1.200634Description 171.3.2006o
18Title 186.6.200553description 186.5.2005x
19Title 1922.9.200660description 1920.9.2006o
20title 2010.9.20063description 2029.3.2006x
21title 2124.7.200574Description 2119.5.2005o
22Title 2224.1.200598Description 2215.9.2005o
23title 2315.7.200566Description 235.9.2005o
24Title 2422.6.200588Description 2410.10.2005x
25title 2525.12.20048Description 2519.2.2006x
26Title 2629.7.200659description 2617.2.2005o
27Title 2721.3.200638Description 279.5.2006o
28Title 2812.1.200668Description 288.3.2005x
29title 295.2.200595Description 293.8.2006o
30Title 3028.6.200624description 3030.11.2004o
31Title 3122.8.200653Description 3115.2.2006x
32Title 325.9.200512Description 329.4.2006o
33Title 3316.7.200690Description 335.8.2005o
34title 3420.10.200554Description 3418.9.2006x
35Title 351.11.200531Description 3510.8.2006x
36title 366.8.200562Description 3628.5.2005o
37Title 3725.8.200544Description 3718.5.2005o
38title 384.11.200566description 388.7.2005o
39Title 3925.6.200644description 3912.4.2006x
40title 4018.5.200522Description 4024.4.2005x
41Title 4125.12.200485Description 4128.12.2005x
42Title 4224.10.20055description 4214.11.2006o
43title 435.2.200676Description 432.10.2005o
44Title 445.1.20055description 4425.8.2005x
45title 4525.4.200618Description 4521.5.2005x
46Title 466.12.20043Description 4619.3.2006o
47Title 4716.1.200582description 4712.3.2006x
48title 4822.1.200680Description 4812.6.2005o
49Title 4931.10.200682Description 493.1.2005x
50Title 509.10.200628Description 5014.6.2005x
51Title 5118.11.200648Description 5123.12.2004o
52Title 5217.1.200534description 527.4.2005x
53Title 538.11.200512Description 5324.6.2006o
54title 5419.8.200530Description 5427.1.2005x
55Title 552.9.200566description 5519.6.2005o
56title 5616.2.200558Description 566.7.2006o
57title 5727.11.200529Description 571.8.2006x
58Title 5824.9.200570Description 5819.10.2006x
59title 5917.8.200564description 594.9.2006x
60Title 6017.11.200635description 602.8.2005x
61Title 6125.8.200611Description 6120.10.2005o
62Title 624.5.20069Description 6226.9.2006o
63Title 6331.12.200444description 6326.1.2005x
64title 6420.9.200531Description 6414.11.2005o
65Title 6524.8.200645Description 6512.11.2006x
66Title 6616.3.200542description 6611.8.2005x
67title 6716.3.200581Description 6712.4.2006o
68Title 6831.12.200468Description 6820.12.2005x
69Title 6926.10.200591description 6916.4.2005x
70Title 7026.7.200665Description 7029.11.2006o
71Title 7115.11.200529description 7111.5.2005x
72title 7225.12.200491Description 7227.7.2005o
73title 732.7.200686description 735.11.2006x
74Title 743.4.20067description 7420.6.2005o
75Title 7516.1.200631description 758.8.2005o
76Title 7624.9.200586Description 767.10.2005x
77title 775.12.200442description 7713.5.2006x
78Title 786.12.200544Description 7819.1.2005o
79Title 7922.10.200698Description 798.4.2005o
80Title 8028.9.200657Description 8023.3.2005o
81Title 8120.12.200522description 811.9.2006o
82Title 821.1.200639Description 8215.11.2005x
83title 8316.7.20051Description 8317.11.2005x
84Title 8412.7.200555description 848.11.2005x
85title 8520.3.200667description 8518.1.2005x
86title 8620.2.200696description 863.5.2005x
87Title 8731.8.200596Description 8718.2.2006o
88Title 886.4.200529Description 8831.7.2006o
89Title 8927.10.200552Description 899.9.2005o
90Title 9021.6.200574description 9015.7.2005o
91Title 9110.2.200617Description 9116.11.2005x
92title 922.7.200547Description 9220.6.2005x
93title 934.5.200587description 9317.12.2005o
94title 9424.7.20059description 9410.2.2006x
95title 956.6.20067description 9514.12.2004x
96Title 9626.8.20051description 964.6.2006o
97Title 9714.3.200675Description 9711.12.2004x
98title 984.4.200551Description 986.5.2005o
99title 9929.11.20065Description 9930.9.2005o
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Table automatically sorted

Includes examples of sorting numbers, sensitive strings, dates, floats, currencies. Disallows selects by clicking the selected row.

ID Name Birth Ratio Earnings
Footer 1 Footer 2 Footer 3 Footer 4 Footer 5
1 Player 9 10.11.1985 1,3013 € 941.751,75
2 Player 10 11.10.1985 1,7353 € 813.551,04
3 player 3 12.10.1985 1,7210 € 1.123.885,17
4 player 2 12.11.1985 1,5362 € 772.255,99
5   13.10.1985 1,6823 € 985.123,32
- player x 1.1.1985 - € 881.234,66
- player y 1.1.1986 - € 881.234,66

Move from table to table

ID Name Birth
Footer 1 Footer 2 Footer 3
1 Title 4 10.11.2005
2 Title 1 11.10.2005
3 title 3 12.10.2005
Move rows
ID Name Birth
Footer 1 Footer 2 Footer 3
4 title 2 12.11.2005

The dates in the table are in European format ( Title field in the first table is sorted case insensitively while description field is sorted case sensitively.