The first year

Quite quietly the first year has gone by. I’ve not been writing reguarly but still managed to write 100 posts, get 155 comments and more than 17000 spam comments. I supposedly have 25 subscribers (according to FeedBurner that I started using a few weeks ago).

Google Analytics say that the most popular post by far is This page contains both secure and nonsecure items, JS:SortedTable page trails at only 20% of hits of the ‘winner’.

On the technical side Firefox and Internet Explorer are about equal at aroung 47% with Safari at 3% and Opera with almost 2%. Most (~92%) of the visitors have Flash 8 installed (96% have 7 ). Only 2% have screen width 800px or less and 32% have 1024px or less.

They say the blogging age is over though. I think I’ve improved.

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  1. Marko says:

    Congratulations. Here’s to many more years.

    By the way, how many have Flash 9?

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