Impressed by Apple

Safari for Windows is already in 3.0.1. No, they didn’t fix this flaw, they fixed the other one. Nonetheless, I’m impressed…

After another look at my blog I figured they changed another thing – Google AdSense ads now show up.

Update #1: I’m writing this in Safari for Vista 3.0.2 – for the third time. I cannot shake the feeling that there’s something wrong with submitting the textarea in WordPress. In any case – strongs are now bold and even AdSense appears sometimes. All these issues make me wonder if things appear the same on Safari/Mac and Safari/Win which was a big point in releasing a Windows version…

Update #2: I’m posting the first update in Firefox – exactly as written in Safari. I posted it twice without it appearing on the page. The third time I copied it and found out that it only copies the code until

4 Responses to “Impressed by Apple”

  1. Because they went on to correct the mistake they made and released it immediately even though the browser is beta. And because that makes Microsoft the only browser vendor that has a problem with releasing (beta) software as often as possible.

  2. Marko says:

    So what you’re saying is that they don’t suck completely?

  3. Yes, they suck less. Less is an improvement.

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