Firefox hates developers

A few days ago I noticed that Firefox is not making any requests to cached pages. I was a Mozilla Suite user until a month ago when I finally switched. Now I’m seriouslly thinking about switching back.

I am a developer so seeing what request are being made to a server is of utmost importance. Mozilla had a setting which told it that it should always do a request, even if the content is already in cache. This resulted in many 304 responses. I know it causes more traffic – the default setting is something more network friendly.

Firefox removed this great feature. It’s even worse – if you set the size of cache to 0 it still caches stuff and does not make request to the server. If I knew I never would have switched. I’m downloading Seamonkey…

3 Responses to “Firefox hates developers”

  1. Marko says:

    Interesting. Mine works just fine if I use web developer toolbar to turn the cache off.

  2. It does the trick when developing, but it’s a bandwidth killer otherwise. Is Firefox trying to tell us the 304 response is dead?

  3. Jeremy Rein says:

    I think that depends on how the content itself was served… try adding “must-revalidate” to the Cache-Control HTTP response header and see if Firefox still doesn’t make a cache validation request…

    (response header)
    Cache-Control: must-revalidate

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