My name is Marko Mrdjenovič. I’m a web developer, manager and an entrepreneur from Ljubljana, Slovenia.


I like solving problems. I do that by writing code, managing projects and people. I like creating good experiences. And going to conferences.


I work full time on Klevio so I'm currently not available for freelance work (UX, frontend, backend).



“Nebotičnik” sold

At one time the tallest building in Europe was finally sold – after 4 attempts. To a Slovenian from Australia. Another Slovenia-Australia related news in one week – the winner of the first Slovenian Big Brother was also a Slovenian from Australia.

The price was very low. But when you take into account that it’s the topmost 4 floors in a building that cannot be significantly changed due to the fact that it’s protected as a historically important building it makes sense. It also makes sense that the new owner will change it into a luxury restaurant – that way he can lower the number of people in the place to a minimum – a number that can safely leave if anything goes wrong.

The only thing I wonder is whether they will get enough guests to at least cover the costs – Global is empty during the day and only works as a night club…

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