My name is Marko Mrdjenovič. I’m a web developer, manager and an entrepreneur from Ljubljana, Slovenia.


I like solving problems. I do that by writing code, managing projects and people. I like creating good experiences. And going to conferences.


I work full time on Klevio so I'm currently not available for freelance work (UX, frontend, backend).



Stop Web Pollution

SEO is a theme I have been trying to ignore for a long time at Spletne urice, a weekly meeting of (mostly) web professionals. As a programme director and before that only a voice that could be heard my opinion on the matter was that SEO is a simple thing if you’re a web developer (semantic HTML – POSH, web standards, level 1 accessibility) and is a boring issue. The only way a talk about SEO would be interesting was a talk about its dark side. As people might mistakenly think that I (and my predecessor before me) endorse this kind of behaviour I declined any such propositions.

After a few debates and brainstormings I figured what bothered me the most – the notion that all real SEO experts have no conscience and would therefore not be able to talk about the shortcomings of polluting the web with pages that exploit the imperfections of search engines to create traffic and the desperation of users that will click on any banner that promises a better life. I trusted my instincts and invited Mitja to give a talk on SEO and I’m really glad I did. As he said in the talk – a retrospective of what he’s done in SEO made him think and he and Davor (his co-speaker) launched a site called Stop Web Pollution for all of us who don’t want the Internet to become a “big pile of shit”.

While we’re on the topic I’d like to point you to a video of a presentation made on Le Web 3 ’07 conference by Jason Calacanis. You can find it in the “07 – Day 2” tab, the title is “Internet Pollution”.


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  1. Mentioned in Stop web pollution @ rufbetten [moje postelje]

  2. mitjamavsar

    Thx for the invitation for this SEO-IS-BAD lecture. It wen’t ok … But still … video looks kind of boring. From the lecturer point of view it seemed like there is much more action in the air.

    And a question. Would you publish the badge if there was an option of colors customization, the way you can customize adsense and toboads?

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