Seed funding Slovenia

It’s happening. Slovenia is being put on the map of the internet.

The company is based in Slovenia and was funded through relationships it made at seedcamp. I am very interested in what’s going on with seed stage web startups in europe right now. I’ll be over there next month and will spend some time trying to get a sense of things. One stop is likely to be Slovenia to meet the Zemanta team.A VC, Jun 2008

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I was fascinated when I read this post, not just because as most of you know I now work for Zemanta but also as somebody who has been trying hard to get people to think about seed funding Slovenian companies and organized two Start-up nights at Spletne urice for the same reason.

Unfortunately VCs in Slovenia still aren’t up to the task. And after all the great local companies get funded by foreign capital the local press will most probably say how we sold out everything of value.

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  1. Andraz says:

    I think that situation is improving gradually. Still a long way to go, but having the best deals taken by foreign investors will eventually wake local scene up.

    The first thing that has to go is “give us 50% in seed round”. The entrepreneur just loses half of his morale when he hears that and half of the incentive if he takes the deal.

  2. Agree completely. I cannot understand the 50% thing at all…

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