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iPad Keynote issues

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A lot has been said about why Keynote on the iPad is bad. I agree that most of the issues mentioned are a problem, but there are just a few I really care about:

  1. No presenter notes. I like my numbers in notes and not on slides. In case anybody asks I’d like to be able to check the screen and tell them. How about a drawer similar to the slide index that comes from the bottom of the screen? Oh, and not removing notes on import…
  2. Can’t see which slide I’m on. I have the problem of checking the projection as it is, I don’t need the software to make me do it even more. This is also problematic when using “the laser pointer” – you have no idea what you’re pointing at unless you check the projection. I could do with a faded slide in the background.

Most of the others would be nice to have, but these are just a big pain. Until they’re fixed the iPad to VGA connector was just a waste of money…

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