From Lint Instructions:

HTML Lint is a tool that makes sure your code looks good. While XHTML was very strict with syntax HTML 5 is more lenient like previous versions of HTML, which means keeping consistent code styles will become more difficult. Validating is not good enough anymore.

HTML Lint is under constant development. If you find a bug, report it on Twitter.

It started in Seattle, at An Event Apart. Jeremy Keith said in his presentation that validation for HTML5 doesn’t make much sense anymore and that there should be a Lint tool. I started thinking about it and after lunch I asked Jeremy what options he wanted in it. I added some of my own and made the first version of it flying to Phoenix (going to IA Summit) and then fixed it flying back to Ljubljana.

We released the first version soon and updated it with a new design a few days ago. I’ve been putting the update off as I had a few other projects going on, but Jeremy mentioned it at Drupalcon and Remy pointed his to it and tweeted about it. So it had to be done.

HTML Lint was coded in Python by MMM, which consists of me (Marko Mrdjenovič) and Marko Samastur. The design for it was done by Sara Tušar Suhadolc. The source code should be available soon.

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