My name is Marko Mrdjenovič. I’m a web developer, manager and an entrepreneur from Ljubljana, Slovenia.


I like solving problems. I do that by writing code, managing projects and people. I like creating good experiences. And going to conferences.


I work full time on Klevio so I'm currently not available for freelance work (UX, frontend, backend).



Running the last mile

Last week was amazing. I was finishing two projects at the same time. And as if this was not enough I had a bunch of other meetings for other projects. You just can’t belive how exhausing this can be untill you ‘try’ it yourself.

Finishing up is always difficult. It takes 80% of the time to accomplish the last 20% of the things that make the 80% of the impression on a user. It takes physical and mental strength to accomplish this as you have to tie all loose ends that you don’t even know exist. A nice end to all this was the feeling at the end of the week that it’s all 1.0 ready and released. It doesn’t mean it’s perfect, but it’s close.

Now it’s time for recuperation – watching movies (Aardvark’d was insightful), relaxing, sleeping… During such periods I always get a bunch of cool ideas that will make the next month interesting. Not to get carried away, I really need to finish my last project before going to London.

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