The decision was hard. I was never a writer who could re-read his own works. So having a blog or a personal webpage has never been an option. I had a few personal pages, but all of them were created out of the need to explore paths previously unknown. The explorer in me could never back down from a challenge. To see something I didn’t know how to achieve was too riddling and to welcoming. Many have suffered during these crusades -family, friends, exams.

A friend of mine once said, that he is doing what he’s doing because he likes it and he needs it. If there are others who share that feeling it’s a plus, a success. We often want the people around us to like what we’re doing. I wanted people to say I’m good at what I’m doing. And then one thay I stopped. Nobody knew what I was doing anyways. Everybody understands good grades but almost nobody understands why an HTML is good. Or for that matter almost any other thing I did in the past few years. Even when you find somebody that understands what you’re doing you’ll see that the views of “good” might be so different it’s hard to say which “good” is better. Mine, of course. I know, I’m being pretentious.

I think the time has come to grow up. To be able to read what I wrote and honestly say – this is crap. I need to improve.

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  1. Ozren says:

    outbreak I like
    go Fry, go :)

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