I want this blog to become a place where I can openly rant about stuff I don’t like (in hope it gets better), expose the stuff I do like (but seems to be hidden). I am also going to write about things I’m interested in and projects I do. First and foremost this will become my own personal resource for everything that comes my way and anything that I create in the process.This means that all my side projects like the infamous SortedTable will soon be merge into the blog. On a sidenote, there is a new version of the script in preparation with a few requested improvements. There’s already a to-do list for version 0.9.

As soon as I hack the WordPress to exclude a category from all the feeds I’ll start another separate feed called blurps that will hopefully contain many posts per day and be a sort of a link dump mashed up with little comments, annoyances or any other small piece of worthy information. Worthy to me and maybe others.

You probably noticed that it’s all going to be in English. Slovenia is just to small and this is also a good way to improve on my language skills.

Any comments are wellcome, especially good ones. Your expectations if any might be considered. Can’t promise anything else.

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