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Mixed first impressions

Monday, April 30th, 2007

I registered at Mix07 a few hours ago. I got a disappointing shopping bag packed with stuff – for example a Windows logo 128M USB key.

On the other hand I got a cool pen that has a light on the other side that reads Mix07, Vista ultimate, the expression tools and a t-shirt.

I chose the ‘business’ tag and left ‘design’ and ‘development’ in the bag.

The wireless seems to work – we’ll see how it holds up tomorrow.

It’s a bit cold.

Going to Vegas

Monday, April 30th, 2007

This is my trravel log written on airports on my N800. Any spelling errors might really be errors or are just the consequence of typing on a small onscreen keyboard with a pen.

Munich, 0810 CET: We successfully landed at Munich after a short flight from Ljubljana. It was a pleasant Adria airways flight with a croisant and juice (I don’t care much for cofffee or tea) for breakfast. It would have took even less time if it weren’t for the taxying around the Munich airport.

A fun thing happened when we arrived. I was among the first to leave the bus that drove us from the aircraft to the terminal. Since I was catching a connecting flight I was directed to a different ‘exit’. Other passangers didn’t know this and followed me. Fortunatly they were stopped before they went too far.

I’m currently waiting for my next flight towards Denver. It will be my first travel overseas, not counting London, and the first with significant jetlag issues. I’ll try the Meyer technique and try to sleep as if I was already in Vegas. We’ll see how that works. See you in Denver.

Denver, 1420 local time: I had so little time between flights I had to run, literally. We completed the boarding, taxied away and stood on the taxiway for some time. The pilot informed us that we’re overweight and we have to go back to unload some. More later..

Vegas, 1830 local time: I finally got to the conference registration, got my badge and the goodies. I need to fill in the gaps though. The Lufthansa flight to Denver was great. It was loooong but that aside it was a pleasant experience. I sat next to a lady from Krakow, now a US resident. I learned that if you have low blood preasure problems, you should drink coffee and cognac (but then add two glasses of water to your normal daily dosage which should, by the way, be your weight in kg divided by 30 in litres).

The Ted flight to Vegas was much scarier though. We were late (175lb overweight so we had to ditch a passanger from the waiting list), half of the movie was played without sound and the plane was shaking all the time. After getting the baggage I took a cab (and waited for it in the biggest queue ever) to TI, where I got my no-view room (pictures when I return).

And now I’m at Mix07 wearing a ‘business’ tag.

Web design survey

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

[The web design survey] I took it! And so should you

I’m POSH – are you?

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

It seems that the core of the Microformats community finally realized that the Microformats hype grew over the small group of web developers that already produced semantic markup and wanted to add even more semantics to it. Now every Microformats fan thinks there should be a Microformat for everything instead of just asking themselves a more important question – “What’s the best semantic way to present this content?”

POSH diagram by factoryjoe
Created by factoryjoe, released under CC by-nc-sa license

That’s where POSH comes in. It stands for Plain Old Semantic HTML. POSHers promote the use of semantic use of HTML which means more than just not using tables for layout. I think that something wasn’t communicated clearly enough and that is the fact that Microformats are born out of a repeating pattern of content presentation which concerns many people and many websites. That’s one of the reasons I never pushed for any new Microformats and was more often than not annoyed by people doing just that. What good can come from a big number of formats that you can’t use because you can’t really know them all?

That said, go practice POSH, document techniques and your own solutions to problems. If some of these problems outgrow the POSH pond they might be turned into a Microformat that we can all follow. If not it’s still a great idea that you can check how other people are solving problems when you stumble upon them.

WPF is now Silverlight

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Microsoft renamed WPF (which was a codename really) to Silverlight. Since that’s still longer than Flash I suggest we find it a short name.

Flash files are .swf and are called swiffs. What’s the extension on Silverlight files?

I guess Sil could work…

Google strikes again

Saturday, April 14th, 2007

This time it’s two times the money, a way older company. They bought Doubleclick for 3.1 billion dollars.