Latest project:HTML Lint

HTML Lint is a tool that makes sure your code looks good. While XHTML was very strict with syntax HTML 5 is more lenient like previous versions of HTML, which means keeping consistent code styles will become more difficult. Validating is not good enough anymore.

Previous projects

  1. jQuery.windowName.plugin

    A simple jQuery plug-in that allows posting data cross-domain and getting data back. Requires server-side support, but no change in JavaScript code as it build on the $.ajax function.

  2. JS:WordPress AutoSave

    A GreaseMonkey script and Firefox extension adding auto save to WordPress 2.0. I used it for a while, but I think it’s broken somewhat. It did prevent losing a few posts though.

  3. JS:TableImport

    A script that helps transforms pasted text into an HTML table and a JSON structure. It allows you to add a textarea to a page The script then converts the pasted text into a table. When a user confirms the transformation was correct you can submit the JSON structure to the server and save it. It was intended to be used in a project but unfortunatelly never was – it was thoroughly tested though…

  4. uF:Pingerator

    Written in a few hours after a post – it allows you to ping the Technorati microformats ping service with multiple URLs.

  5. JS:SortedTable

    The most famous script I produced – makes a table sortable without any other external libraries. Has a few bugs and is stuck at version 0.8 for some time though. It works with the DOM structure which means it can easily be used with other JavaScript code that changes the table it is applied to.

3 Responses to “Projects”

  1. quince says:

    when i read your page about windowName.plugin, i was so happy, i spend hours googlin for someting like your plugin,
    unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me, i don’t know, maybe i’m stupid or something, but can’t make it to work,
    i included you plugin
    please, help me make it to work

  2. It is only tested with jQuery 1.2.6 and even with that you need to have the proper server response to use it.

  3. quince says:

    i’m already using jquery 1.2.6
    and did try on my test and also on productive server
    what do you mean when you say “proper server response” ?

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