TableImport is a script that allows the import of tabular data into JavaScript applications, converting the data to a JSON string to use with AJAX APIs, create an HTML table with the data or simply create a fieldset with inputs with the values for a classic form submit.


Web applications are all over the web and one of the problems they have is that we might already have the data in files on our local computer. The script tries to solve the most basic tabular data imports – it converts the data into a JavaScript object. An idea for such a script came to me when discussing mass importing of data to a CMS for a client and was reconfirmed while watching the dabbledb demo video.



  • first version that actually works, tested on Windows XP IE6 and Firefox 1.5

Future development

There might be some improvements to the header algorithm and additions to the types array.


Check the TableImport page here or just download the javascript.

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