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My ideal commuter bike

Sunday, April 12th, 2015

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and we’re getting closer but not there just yet. Since a few people have asked me and I always forget something I’ll list all the features here.

Must haves beside wheels, frame, forks, saddle, pedals, handlebars and a reasonable price:

  1. breaks front & back (disks a plus)
  2. fenders front & back
  3. internal gear hub
  4. chain cover
  5. reasonable weight


  1. lights front & back
  2. hidden break and shifter cables
  3. rear rack

You can get the lights, but it’s way nicer if they look the part, cables inside the frame make the bike look nicer and a rear rack is useful for schlepping stuff around.

I’ve recently done another search and found that Schwinn Brighton comes close – it has all the must-haves, but unfortunately it’s not available in Slovenia.

Update: I found this bike in Cube Town Pro black 2017.