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My name is Marko Mrdjenovič and I’m a webaholic.

I started as a web developer at Parsek (Ljubljana, Slovenia), became standards aware, started promoting and then enforcing Web standards as the production manager. I’m currently the COO there. I moved to Zemanta to take the role of VP of Engineering there in the summer of 2008.

I’m promoting web standards in the local community as the organizer of Spletne urice, weekly meetings of local web–developers where I manage the program and occasionally talk about new technologies and web standards. I’m also the founder of the Slovenian OpenID initiative that is set to promote OpenID in Slovenia — amongst managers and developers alike.

I’m also the creator of some more or less famous JavaScripts, most notably SortedTable.

I’ve been writing this blog since some April 2006. It’s been focused around technologies and services mostly with some ventures to other places. I’ll try to keep it that way.

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  1. Steve says:

    Hi Marko,

    I am trying to use your sortedtable js script. It works great, but the sorting does not work on IE. I get an error …”‘this.body’ is null or not an object.”

    any ideas?


  2. Hi, Marko says:

    I’m trying to sort multiple columns of a table in a parametric order.
    ie: COL1 | COL2 | COL3
    I want to sort first COL2, then in case of same items on COL2, I sort them looking at the COL1 value (ASC).

    Is it possible to do that with your script?

    Many Thanks,

  3. I had the above website built by a web builder a few years back.
    They have since disappeared so I can’t turn to them for my main
    It consist of 4 pages and 3 of them work fine but the last page
    which is the “contact us” page always start with the explorer
    message about the secure and non-secure items.
    I realize this is a turnoff for customers and naturally would
    like to get rid of it.
    Also with it there I can’t seem to make link changes with Dreamweaver
    I would like to also get rid of the some of the “must contain” asterisks
    in the “comment form” on the “contact us” page, as they are too
    I tried another local webbuilder but perhaps through inexperience
    they didn’t know quite how to approach it.

    I am able to make basic webpage changes through Dreamweaver,
    Adobe Proff., Infix, etc. but this is beyond my level.
    I tried changing all the codes from http to https (there were about
    a dozen of them) but obviously this wasn’t enough.

    I would be willing to engage someone to work on the problem
    but am hesitant to use someone here.
    I would be most appreciative if you could give me advice on
    this. Yours truly
    Alfred Chamberland

  4. Tchvil says:

    Hi Marko,

    It is about the comment at:
    http://www.sitepen.com/blog/2008/07/22/windowname-transport/#comment-88961 that makes a reference to your site: http://friedcellcollective.net

    The page http://friedcellcollective.net/js/jQuery.windowName/test.html does not exist anymore…

    I’m making some JS trials too with window.name and getting the same error described with Safari 3. Do you remember what was causing it?

    Thanks for your plugin, I’m more familiar with jquery so it helps a lot ;)

  5. It seems there was something wrong, as I can still open http://friedcellcollective.net/js/jQuery.windowName/test.html. When I wrote the code I tested it in all browsers I have installed and documented its behaviour. Safari 3.2.1 on Windows works as does Safari 3.2.1 on OS X. Can you specify which version is causing problems?

  6. Tchvil says:

    Everything is fine now, it was giving a 404 error before.

  7. Hi,

    Tweecious has not been working for about 4 days for me:

    I get this: “Tweecious notice: Cannot access tweets – there was an unknown error while dealing with twitter. Don’t worry, we’ll try later…”

    I’ve rebooted and tried all the standard recycles (Firefox, etc.) and no go. Any ideas on why it can’t save bookmarks?

    It’s my new favorite tool and saves me tons of time and would love to keep using it.



  8. Eric Reiss says:

    Great to meet you at UX London. Still interested in becoming Country Ambassador from Slovenia for EuroIA? Drop me another line :)

  9. Ahni says:

    Hey. Just to let you know, there seems to be a bit of a problem with tweecious. It hasn’t retrieved any links for me in about 2 two weeks.

    I assume it’s something to do with delicious because it always says I’m logged out at http://friedcell.net/tweecious/preferences (even though I am logged in)

    Hopefully this can be fixed soon. Thanks!

  10. Daniel says:

    Hey Marko,
    I´m interested to contact you by email, can you email me to my address? is about HTML Lint. I can´t find your email anywhere.


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