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Monday, August 28th, 2006

I was going through my blog and I saw the link to the @media 2006 site. They promissed they would give away a Sony Playstation 3 to one of the referrers that included the banner on their site. I can’t find any mention of this now and I don’t know if anyone actually got it. Maybe this is the reason for the recent plunge of Sony’s shares and the lower expected sales of PS3. Maybe not.


Sunday, August 27th, 2006

I really want to get my hands on this. Why? I think it’s a great idea and would love to hack it…

Lost in the favelets

Sunday, August 27th, 2006

If you write stuff on the web like I do (or write huge comments) you might wanna check out this favelet by themaninblue Cameron Adams. If you’re a designer or a web developer you might also find this useful – a favelet that overlays the current document with a grid, by Andy Budd. I still prefer an image of a specific grid, not just the pixel ruler stuff though.

Tracking comments

Sunday, August 27th, 2006

A different problem arose recently – as I was reading more and writing less I found it annoying to track all the comments debates I was in. Going through all the flagged posts, clicking them to get to the page and finding all the comments is kindof annoying.

One way of doing this is the solution that Vitaly Friedman is using on his notebook. It seems that his RSS includes the number of comments in the title of the post which makes my reader think it’s a new post. I don’t like this idea much since on massively commented posts I get a new ‘item’ everytime which kindof clutters the reader.

I remembered that there is a web application that lets you track comments that I haven’t tried yet. It’s called coComment and I think I’m gonna try it now. I’ll probably review it in another post.

What I want from you (yes you, not the person staring in your screen from behind) is how you track your comments and conversations. Do you even make comments? Answers in the comments please :)

Democratic web?

Sunday, August 27th, 2006

I’ve been neglecting this place for the last month. The problem is of course time, or to be exact, the lacking of it. I’ve been working a lot, resting a lot and working some more. Most of my ‘spare’ time went into a personal project of mine that I’ll be releasing to a public beta soon hopefully.

What got me writing again was a thing that happened to me a few days ago. As a proud owner of a Feed Demon license I also have a synchronized account on NewsGator Online. As I was reading the news at work I saw an interesting post on a certain Slovenian blog whose author is a respected columnist. I thought he made a good point but was missing something – he was ignoring some things that happened recently. I posted a comment. It had two links in it. One of them was Guba, a site offering legal video downloads, the other a local company similar to Netflix. The comment appeared when I posted it but when I came back to the post (Slovenian only) my comment was gone. The good news is that it was obviously noticed by the company and inspired a comment from them.

What I’m questioning here is the democratization that was supposed to happen with blogs. Yes, everyone can express their opinion. The question is will it be deleted by others who don’t share the opinion but have the power to do it. Years ago it was the oppressive government. Then it was the oppressive companies. Is tomorrow filled with oppressive opinion makers?

This also makes me wonder how many of the mainstream blogs are poised by this. It seems logical though – nothing lasts, money corrupts everything and everyone.

Maybe it’s not all bad and it was just a slip of the author. In that case forget this post, you can still belive anything you read on blogs, wikipedia, and other similar media.