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iPad Keynote issues

Friday, May 14th, 2010
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A lot has been said about why Keynote on the iPad is bad. I agree that most of the issues mentioned are a problem, but there are just a few I really care about:

  1. No presenter notes. I like my numbers in notes and not on slides. In case anybody asks I’d like to be able to check the screen and tell them. How about a drawer similar to the slide index that comes from the bottom of the screen? Oh, and not removing notes on import…
  2. Can’t see which slide I’m on. I have the problem of checking the projection as it is, I don’t need the software to make me do it even more. This is also problematic when using “the laser pointer” – you have no idea what you’re pointing at unless you check the projection. I could do with a faded slide in the background.

Most of the others would be nice to have, but these are just a big pain. Until they’re fixed the iPad to VGA connector was just a waste of money…

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Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
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I’ve been trying to write something for some time now. As I obviously suck at blogging I decided to just post this short list of stuff that happened in between.

  1. I now work part time at Zemanta. I’ve also downgraded to Head of Frontend as knowing everything as VP Engineering would be kind of hard. This gives me more time to work on my own projects.
  2. I’ve been to Seattle for An Event Apart and I have proof. It was a great conference and I’m writing a review post. It’s taking more time than I expected. I should have known better.
  3. I’ve been to Phoenix for IASummit. Another great conference and a great community. The closing plenary by Whitney Hess made me want to go again next year and help out. I promised to write a rookie review, but haven’t yet. I also hope to make it a review post.
  4. I have an iPad. I love it. I should write a post about it but I probably won’t. First observations? I tweet more. I attribute that I’m chattier on Twitter to that and to the conferences. I need to upgrade my blog so I can blog from it. Maybe then I’ll blog more.
  5. At An Event Apart Jeremy Keith said that it would be lovely if somebody made a tool that would check HTML5 for more than the validator does. I did the first version on the plane (SEA-PHX and PHX-ZUR). Marko Samastur wrote most of the Django app and it’s now online at It has an API and will be opensourced soon. It is the first MMM project.
  6. I started thinking of doing something very cool next year due to Andy Budd‘s convincing at the IASummit karaoke, hosted by the very cool Kevin M. Hoffman. I shall disclose the details at a later date, but it will be also a MMM thing.
  7. EuroIA call for papers is open and it will only be open until Sunday, May 16 24:00 CET. The conference will be in Paris in September and I think you should check it out.

Enough about me, how about you? Who am I kidding, there’s no one out there…

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