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JavaScript sorting – the talk

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

Last week I had an emergency talk about JavaScript sorting since the original speaker had a last minute change of schedule. I decided to have a talk about sorting since I was just finishing my research into sorting algorithms.

The talk went quite ok – I wish I had more time to prepare though. There were just a few real JavaScript developers in the crowd so it was more challenging than I thought. I was hoping to get a bigger crowd because of the Ajax in the title, but I guess they saw right through me..

The slides to the talk are already online. I’ll be preparing a short article about what I found out soon.

There’s another talk today at Spletne urice, this time a case study about Debikartica.


Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

Made up by Stuart: Iñtërnâtiônàlizætiøn. Unfortunately no Slovenian special characters in it. Can I suggest that he changes the z into ž?

I feel Slovenia

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

I didn’t want to write about this shame, but now it got public.

No more breaking code

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

Dean Edwards strikes again. This time he solved a problem with extending built-in objects that tends to break other scripts. It seems this might be utterly useful.

In other news I’ll be giving a talk tomorrow in Cyberpipe about sorting in JavaScript, datagrids and a bit of AJAX to spice it all up.


Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

Java has finally been opensourced.


Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

If you have a creative block use this to pick a font. Don’t use it if you’re creating a competitor to the app you chose from though.