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Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

A few news about some recent projects I’ve been working on:

  1. The Guardian Open Platform launchImage by codepo8 via Flickr

    Guardian topic researcher is a API launch demo we at Zemanta did with The Guardian. It’s a simple mash-up that uses Guardian’s search API to get articles about a selected topic and then Zemifies them with the Zemanta API to get links to related concepts, be it people, places, bands, technologies… It’s buit using only jQuery (with the exception of a server-side proxy so the requests to Zemanta API are a bit faster) and jQuery UI. If you check it out you’ll see that we did a few things that one would normally not do on a regular web page – we did that here as an experiment in usability and browser speed.

  2. I found a really annoying bug in my jQuery.windowName plug-in for jQuery due to a feature in jQueries param function that serialises JavaScript objects into a query string. It replaces %20 (space) with a + (plus) which broke the form creation. Don’t know how I didn’t get this sooner but it’s fixed now. I also fixed a bug with breaking IE when data object has fields with name method, target or action.

  3. Tweecious is a small mash-up I’ve written in my first montly hack day. It’s an application that goes through your twitter feed, finds any links you posted and posts them to delicious. In between it does some less interesting but important stuff like expanding the link via and tagging the content of the page via Zemanta API. Everything is done inside the browser so the app doesn’t need any credentials – if you’re logged into delicious it can post, if you’re not it will let you know. Expect a release soon – probably this week.

  4. I decided to have monthly hack days. I will create small apps or just little snippets of JavaScript code that seem like a good idea at the time. The first one produced Tweecious which was actually a challenge from Brian King at Briks. I’m looking for ideas for the next one – it might be a generic bookmarks exporter.

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