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Get your jobs from UnorderedList

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

There are no more reasons to put up your own job board or even have your own local data about it.

List all the openings on UnorderedList and go to this Yahoo Pipe to get back whatever you want to get back. You can filter by company or location.

If this is not enough for you you can always go and duplicate the existing pipe and create your own…

Local web-apps

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Today a fellow web developer released a local web development job board called Unordered List. It was fun to be included in the testing while it was still in development. I made a bunch of comments and a lot of them got incorporated in the current release. It’s still a bit too monochromatic for my taste but still. I guess the development will not stop as at least a few new functionalities will be needed when the database grows beyond the front page – search and filters.

I’ve created a Yahoo pipe to get all the jobs in a JSON feed. I’ll be adding filters to the pipe as soon as company and the location of the job are available in the feed. This will make it easier to add a list of available jobs on blogs and other pages.

If you check Unordered List you’ll also see that I’m looking for an assistant. I’ll talk more about this in the next few days, I’ll just say that I’m after web enthusiasts who don’t yet know much and want to learn everything.

On a similar note, a local social bookmarking tool obviously launched recently. I have to say I noticed it through a Toboads ad network ad on my blog. I had to dig through the history to find it again but here it is – Zlitt. I have no idea who the author is though. The domain was bought through WhoisGuard and the app itself hosted on Dreamhost. A good way to hide your identity but probably not the best idea when you’re creating a local web-app. Who knows, maybe they’re going global…

In the mean time I put together a small one-page web-app to check your Lotto winnings – simply tell it what the winning combination was, the bonus number(s) and your combinations. It will show you what numbers you got right, but to know if you won anything you need to also tell it what winning means. I have it set up to the Lottery of Slovenia Loto, but you can change it easily. It’s not pretty, because I used the interface of my previous one-pagers – The pingerator and MonsterID.

I’m hoping for a lot of other web-apps from my fellow local web developers in the next months. Such that build on available APIs or are so specific to the local environment / community that they have a significant advantage over what others are doing. The local web-app landscape has been growing and maybe we’re in need of a page that will list all these web-apps in a way that is better than a simple search engine output. There’s an idea for another Web 2.0 page…