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Essential Firefox add-ons

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

I’ve recently had to install a Firefox on the new iMac which lead me to ponder what add-ons do you really need.

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This is the list I compiled:


These add-ons will enhance the capabilities of your browser. You might not need them right away, but it’s smart to have them installed for when you need them (and I’m sure you will).

  1. Google Gears allows you to use off-line Gmail and makes a lot of web applications faster.
  2. Greasemonkey lets you install user scripts that will make pages nicer, give them additional features and other kinky stuff.
  3. Operator will expose microformated content so you can easily use it.


If you’re the dedicated support guy for this specific installation (people will call you when things go wrong) you should install these now – they’ll help you fix stuff later.

  1. Firebug will let you inspect pages and see what’s wrong and why.
  2. Html Validator validates the code on the page so it’s easier to spot why something looks weird on screen.
  3. Web developer toolbar adds a lot of useful features for debugging pages to a handy toolbar.


These are just a few I like that make the browsing experience a bit nicer.

  1. Cooliris makes searching for images a lot friendlier.
  2. FoxTab helps when you have lots of tabs open. Unfortunately it isn’t supported on Mac OS X 10.5.6 yet
  3. Inquisitor is a nice search add-on that will enhance the search box.
  4. Fission moves the progress bar into the address bar (Safari style).


To make your social networking and blogging a bit easier.

  1. Delicious is a great add-on if you use their social bookmarking service.
  2. Fotofox lets you upload photos to a bunch of photo sites easily.
  3. Zemanta integrates with your blogging platform and recommends images, videos, links, articles and tags.
  4. (Shameless plug) Tweecious is great for people who use Twitter and Delicious – it takes twittered links and posts them to Delicious.

You might also want to install dictionaries for the languages you use when writing in Firefox. You can get some more ideas at Fashion your Firefox.

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