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script language attribute / JavaScript version

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

There used to be a very nice attribute to the script tag that defined what version of JavaScript is present between the script tags. You’d say language=”JavaScript1.3″ and older browsers that only supported JavaScript 1.2 wouldn’t run the code. Unfortunately this is not the case anymore – the attribute has been deprecated and browsers don’t really support it anymore. IE says that JS 1.3 is the latest version it supports, Firefox and Safari support 1.7. Opera supports 1.5 and surprisingly all the 2.x version (huh?) and the browser in Blackberry (the reason for testing this) supports everything.

I know – search for what you need, but in this case I don’t really want to check for all the objects and methods that I need…

Check your own browsers JavaScript support.

Long time no see – unknown IE bug

Saturday, September 9th, 2006

It’s really been quite a long time since I discovered a bug in IE’s CSS parsing that I didn’t know. I’m not saying that I don’t encounter bugs on a daily basis, but I know what they are and I avoid them accordingly as per Andy’s 4th3rd law of bug hunting. As I didn’t know it existed I didn’t know if they corrected the problem in IE7 but it seems they have – it’d be nice if someone checked the case and report it.

The bug is in parsing CSS files with #id.class formed selectors. It seems that when you have only one in the CSS file it works ok. You can see this in the before section of the case. After you add an additional #id.class rule before it the second one fails.

It’s pretty annoying since I had an element with an id that was one of the rare color coded elements on a site. When I wanted to change the colors with #element.color it didn’t work in IE (yes, I know that .color might not the best idea but believe me, in this case it is). When I wanted to change this to .element.color I found out that this is also broken so under pressure of time I solved it with YAWE (Yet Another Wrapper Element). It works but is a bit uglier.

In about 4 years time I won’t need to think about this anymore…