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Dear internet friends

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

All I want for Christmas is to be able to buy a Nokia N800 Navigation kit. I’m located in Slovenia and the local dealer doesn’t have it, I can’t order it from Amazon (they don’t deliver electronics to Europe) and I can’t find it on Expansys (they were my best bet).

Be nice and help me!


Going to Vegas

Monday, April 30th, 2007

This is my trravel log written on airports on my N800. Any spelling errors might really be errors or are just the consequence of typing on a small onscreen keyboard with a pen.

Munich, 0810 CET: We successfully landed at Munich after a short flight from Ljubljana. It was a pleasant Adria airways flight with a croisant and juice (I don’t care much for cofffee or tea) for breakfast. It would have took even less time if it weren’t for the taxying around the Munich airport.

A fun thing happened when we arrived. I was among the first to leave the bus that drove us from the aircraft to the terminal. Since I was catching a connecting flight I was directed to a different ‘exit’. Other passangers didn’t know this and followed me. Fortunatly they were stopped before they went too far.

I’m currently waiting for my next flight towards Denver. It will be my first travel overseas, not counting London, and the first with significant jetlag issues. I’ll try the Meyer technique and try to sleep as if I was already in Vegas. We’ll see how that works. See you in Denver.

Denver, 1420 local time: I had so little time between flights I had to run, literally. We completed the boarding, taxied away and stood on the taxiway for some time. The pilot informed us that we’re overweight and we have to go back to unload some. More later..

Vegas, 1830 local time: I finally got to the conference registration, got my badge and the goodies. I need to fill in the gaps though. The Lufthansa flight to Denver was great. It was loooong but that aside it was a pleasant experience. I sat next to a lady from Krakow, now a US resident. I learned that if you have low blood preasure problems, you should drink coffee and cognac (but then add two glasses of water to your normal daily dosage which should, by the way, be your weight in kg divided by 30 in litres).

The Ted flight to Vegas was much scarier though. We were late (175lb overweight so we had to ditch a passanger from the waiting list), half of the movie was played without sound and the plane was shaking all the time. After getting the baggage I took a cab (and waited for it in the biggest queue ever) to TI, where I got my no-view room (pictures when I return).

And now I’m at Mix07 wearing a ‘business’ tag.

Nokia N800

Saturday, April 7th, 2007

It’s been a while since Markos called me from Stansted airport to let me know he can bring me the N800. I can’t thank him enough.

That said, I haven’t really tried it out as much as I would have wanted but decided to sum up my first thoughts anyways.

  1. The email client really sucks bigtime. Obviously it’s the same as on the 770. Not only that it doesn’t support folders and it jams all the incoming mail into one long list it’s also the only application that has been failing on me almost constantly. Fortunately a claws-mail was released recently and I’ll try to install it as soon as possible.
  2. The RSS client isn’t that great either. Don’t really care that much – I’m a NewsGator user so I could basically read the news online. I have the client set to a few news sites and that’s enough of information for when I’m away from the computer.
  3. I’ve had almost no reboots. The device is responsive most of the time and the performance is generally very good. The showcase is the preloaded video commercial for N93 that plays smoothly and looks amazing on the screen.
  4. I would have liked more applications for the new platform already. Some of the older applications, build for the 2006 OS will install on the 2007 version, but many won’t. And it’s really annoying to find a great app and then be disappointed when it doesn’t work.
  5. I still don’t have a working SSH client. I know there are tutorials, but it shouldn’t really be this hard to install one. The fact that I can use a shell does mean I can probably fight my way through a longer and more complicated install process. The question is do I want to and if I must, will I be happy about it.
  6. I found that openTTD (for OS 2006, doesn’t work on 2007 – maybe some day) and Doom are available for it!
  7. Why is there no software that can save pictures from the camera preinstalled?
  8. Creating a swap file on the internal memory card is a must. Spare as much as you can.

I’ve heard that ‘consumers’ are not really getting it and that it’s mostly geeks that have it. I haven’t seen the numbers but I’m inclined to belive this statement. I am a geek, but sometimes I really don’t want to be treated as one. I just wanted to enjoy the device. But it seems that you have to be a bit of a techie to be able to install some applications and be willing to put up with install errors and stuff. Another important issue is that the best resource for applications and help is so techie looking that even I don’t like it very much.

It does look like they’re getting better at this though. Maybe when they figure out that normal (as in non-geek) users really don’t want to be clicking yes to the notice that installing ‘this’ application might harm their device since it’s not provided by Nokia…