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Sunday, October 1st, 2006

Some of you might know that I’m a fan of microformats. I’ve had a few lectures here in Slovenia in our local multimedia center, I’ve done some persuading and some watching from a distance. I’ve been on the uf-discuss mailing list for some time now and on Saturday I read about this problem Andy Mabbett had with the Pingerati ping service for microformated pages – it only takes one URL per ping. This makes for a very painful resubmitting process.

Well since I was just back from a short vacation I decided to stretch my fingers and write up a small page that allows users to add multiple URLs that will get submitted to the Pingerati service one by one. It didn’t really take me much time – about an hour – and it was done. I present you the pingerator.

It’s an easy to use one page app. All you do is enter the URLs, one per line as the instruction says, and click ping! If you want to resubmit the URLs in the form you can click save and the URLs will be stored in a cookie. You can easily restore the URLs by clicking restore! The pinging is done via an iframe and you can even see the pingerati response if you toggle the visibility of the window.

I haven’t really had time to test it though so any bug reports are welcome. The application will probably be under some refurbishing in the next few days but that should not break the saved URLs or the ease of use it sports today.