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Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

WordPress's administration interfaceImage via WikipediaI’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2.5.1 and some stuff doesn’t work – all the stuff I hacked together myself obviously. Fortunately all the plugins work normally – what you currently can’t see are the links in the sidebar and the list of categories in the dropdown. I hope I can sort these out soon…


The times, they are changing

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

This is really overwhelming. (via Simon Willison)


Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

Disclaimer: I don’t think I can form this post in a way that won’t make you think “What a pompous ass” when you’re finished reading it. With that in mind please bear with me through all the ego boosting statements.

I’ve been a web developer for seven years at Parsek which is a leading web development agency since its inception. We’ve been developing cutting edge websites since the beginning, using some sort of AJAX in 2001, creating reward winning sites with Flash and without it, were one of the first to switch to a CSS layout for corporate pages in Slovenia and are still one of the technologically most innovative web developers. I can easily say that I was a part of almost every exceptional product that we released into the wild.

During these seven years I accumulated a lot of knowledge that I no longer use to the extent that I used to. I didn’t pass any official certifications, visited workshops nor I have any specific product or feature to show (my mistake I guess). I don’t even have a portfolio to show.

Since this knowledge could be of great value to somebody else I decided to share it in a structured form. People who work with me know that I already do this at Parsek in a less organized manner that depends more on the person that’s in need of this knowledge.

There are some limitations to the offer. The person cannot have a job and has to have time for regular meetings and time to work on learning and working assignments. I do not expect any prior knowledge of web development – all you have to do is convince me that you’re the best possible choice and you’re willing to go all the way. I can guarantee work on projects, some payed and some pro bono and at the end of it I can guarantee a job.