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Acrobat, the platform

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Adobe AcrobatImage via WikipediaThis post was written via the newly published Zemanta Reblog, the first feature I worked on at my new job. I helped evolve and implement the interface, which is not perfect yet but is better and will get even better in the future. Reblog feature also gives you an idea of how Zemanta Suggest works since you can see the sidebar on the right hand side of the content as you’re writing it. Reblog is only one of many features we released today – we now support more platforms, more browsers and we also have a few plug-ins for blogging platforms. Read about the release or check the interview with our co-founder and CTO Andra┼ż Tori at ReadWriteWeb.

Adobe is making a major announcement tonight — the public beta launch of No longer does the Acrobat name only mean “related to PDF.” The suite of hosted tools include a word processor, PDF converter, conferencing and file storage. From the looks of it, could be a competitor to parts of office suites from Google/Zoho and could also compete with document sharing tools including Docstoc and Scribd. All of the services are hosted on and use the SaaS model (software-as-a-service). It’s clear that collaboration is now Adobe’s focus and this makes sense as we all move to a more connected world. Allen Stern, Adobe Launches Acrobat Hosted Services – New Web Office Player is Here, Jun 2008

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